Martha makes videos. She likes to focus on people and ideas. So it is easy to Love Martha. Some time ago she met Melanie.

Martha films video while Melanie does motion.

And sometimes we can join forces.

Check out our latest project


GSMA stinger video

We’ve made a loving story for GSMA that is close to release in Los Angeles. The goal is to ask essential and probing questions that get the viewer to reflect on how technology can make a better future. We create animation, films and VFX to make this video.


This is our latest animation and sound design work for GSMA. The goal was to transform the original logo of GSMA into their new virtual event platform GSMA THRIVE reflecting the concepts of bringing people together and innovation.

Music Technology Group (MTG), Pompeu Fabra University.

We had the chance to work on the main video of the Music Technology Group (MTG), the incredible and prestigious team of musical creation of the Pompeu Fabra University. Also, we are really happy to have collaborated on this animation with the voice-over of Jade De Robles.

Now, what?

We’ve made this project during this crazy time of the quarantine.

We were in a pause that we didn’t anticipate. For most of us, it became a moment of reflection about how we were navigating our previous state of modern life. This impression started the idea of Now What?

Now, what? is a series of live stream conversations made in collaboration with ProtoPixel, with a community of creatives from different fields. It explores areas of exhibition spaces, digital platforms, working models of the future.

A colorful 3D universe is created where a humanoid figure takes place. In each live capsule, this figure was reacting to an unexpected happening (such as him hitting to a wall or falling on the floor) within this 3D universe. His reaction followed by the text Now, What? created a direct way for the audience to empathize with the current situation of ambiguity. This figure is used throughout different Social Media channels to communicate the event.

This animation was possible thanks to MALEVO and SANTA CABRA sound studio.



Short film NEVADA by MALEVO

We are very happy to share the last short film by our friend and partner MALEVO.

It gets moving. The air begins to be populated. Dense, possessed. An alarm clock in the morning. The routine and the people staring at it. The cities have a peculiarity, they make us invisible. Light enters through all the windows. In all those tables, the toasts jumping in the air becomes irretrievably anonymous. Even denser. Even more routinely. There’s no sense of screaming. Disappearance is imminent. It falls, over the night.

Rayban Studio – PRIMAVERA SOUND 2019.

With help from our friends at TigreLab, we recently set out to capture Primavera Sound.
We set the tone using radiant lights and mysterious audio.

Martha and Melanie share happy clients as


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