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The first section of the script transmits the achievements of 4YFN in the past years. The second part is focused on inspiring and making the audience empathize with the mission of 4YFN while showing the images from the future mission of 4YFN which is described in the second section of the brief.


—— SCRIPT ——


We are four years from now.  

We have been thinking, talking, and dreaming together with you for ten years from now.

We have been changing the world around us. 

The way we wanted;

Supporting entrepreneurs in solving the world’s greatest challenges.

Helping to find new funding models for the world’s most promising startups.

Witnessing cloud computing reaching the AI revolution, Blockchain spreading, overcoming setbacks, and helping a new tech hub in Barcelona – becoming…

Within ten years from now.

We made you part of a community of leaders, founders, mentors, and changemakers from all around the world, sharing the same vision.

Our stage put you in the spotlight.

And now; 

You take a moment. 

What if you could go back in time… to twist and turn everything the way you wanted?

Well, maybe not that big…

But trying to change one little thing?

And failing…

And trying again?

And that little thing created a bigger change…

And who knows what today would look like then?

Maybe you were living your dreams.

Finding other people who are trying to change the world, bit by bit…just like you, just like us.

And what if… you could go four years from now?

And then back. What change would you make today?

¡Gracias! Gràcies! Thank you! Danke! Merci!

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