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The brand quest should pursue a fresh graphic identity with a more flexible system and variable typography that aligns with the values of 4YFN.

To get that we recommend using digital, vibrant, and contemporary color schemes, innovating with web animations and interactions.

Avoid grid-like or block-box structures, they are rigid approaches, and eventually, the user ends up getting tired.

Avoid using offline/CMYK colors since they are associated with less technological sectors.

Avoid identity structures without personality. There have been many similar identities in the industry which has led to the loss of identity for all of them, including 4YFN.

loss of identity
loss of identity


A classic, and institutional identity but at the same time fresh and contemporary with background animations and gradients that convey dynamism and richness.

Identities based on typographic systems, creating enough personality to be recognizable while allowing flexibility with color and graphics.


More elaborated and dynamic animations and transitions make everything more contemporary, and precise.


Although it may be a bit flashy for 4YFN, it’s interesting how they base their identity on a responsive typography system and a leading color, allowing the integration of many different graphics without losing their identity.


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