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Avia x Welovemartha

Our latest project was a thrilling 3D modeling and animation endeavor for the AVIA brand, with a focus on crafting unique narratives. Using cutting-edge 3D modeling and animation techniques we experimented with a variety of materials and textures to create a visually stunning experience to capture the essence of the AVIA brand.



The sneaker 830 stepped into a puddle of water and suddenly, the water froze while the sneaker spun around. It was a magical and one-of-a-kind moment that captured the attention of everyone who witnessed the sneaker surrounded by sparkling ice crystals.




This is the second iteration of Avia sneakers, now for the model 880. With careful attention to detail and an emphasis on texture, this project showcases our team’s skills in 3D modeling and design.


We also handled the music and sound design.

3D & modeling

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