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CV2X 5G Save Lives

We’ve decided to explore both 3D and AI for developing the visuals.

We’ll focus on the narrative technique for now, leaving the info-section for later.

3D: Control

3D provides control, but it’s limited by time and resources. Furthermore, character expressions may appear simplistic due to the project’s inherent nature.

Script + Moodboard

A man a walking in the streets, looking at his mobile phone trying to find a specific place.

Seems lost.

Student cyclist on electric hire bike, riding recklessly towards the junction while talking through airbuds wearing a smartwatch. She’s distracted, changing lanes.

Couple in an SUV, talking (possibly arguing), using google maps, rapidly approaching the junction.

All devices display a warning sign with a distinctive alarm at once.

All of them surprised, take action.

Pedestrian step back onto the pavement, narrowly avoiding the collision.

Cyclist corrects his road position to avoid hitting the car.

SUV driver brakes heavily, narrowly avoiding a collision.

Everyone’s safe and relieved at the junction.

Pedestrian look towards the SUV.

Cyclist pass near the SUV, looks back in amazement while cycling down the road.

SUV couple takes a moment to recover composure.

AI: Embrace imperfection

AI it’s an exciting experience.

Environment, characters, actions, and their style can be controlled.

However, its randomness can be challenging when feedback starts coming. Close-ups can be tricky: having the exact same face twice is almost impossible.

Despite the challenges, the results are impressive.

Visual Ai iterations

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Playing with styles
Playing with styles
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