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CV2X – Explainer moodboard

The explainer section will be displayed in the main screen, while the side screens will show color-themed backgrounds or same main screen images if necessary.

Explainer layouts.

We have decided to implement a ghosted text effect. This is to help the audience quickly understand the format, especially considering the extensive nature of this section.

1. Layouts

We’ve created three different layouts to use in each specific case.

Text over background

Text over image

Text + Image

These 3 layouts will be combined for the explainer to work. Additionally, specific images will be created to enhance the text, which will be read by a young, male, american Voice Over.

2. Script

We’ve simplified the script, trying to keep the same format.

Here you’ll find both original and WLM’s version: CLICK HERE

3. Warning Sign Mockup

4. Bicycle Style

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