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A few topics to touch base before quoting & producing the GSMA Foundry Stinger.

1. Copywriting

Due to the limited timeframe, GSMA Foundry team must deliver the signed off copy July/Monday 3rd as the latest.

2. Voice Over

This week, Jade is the available voice-over artist. You can listen her voice here.

In case the VO quote doesn’t fit, I would suggest:

A) Ai Generated VO

Test for future reference.


Pros: Fast & Cheap. Versatility. We can play with the style, accent, age, gender.

Cons: Limited intonation and expressiveness. it is clearly not the same as a recording session where we can direct the VO artist live.

B) Not using VO, creating straightforward kinetic typeface animations with a strong use of montage, footage, and text. See below:

3. Brand Assets

Brand Assets will be key to understand how far we can go with graphics and animation, please share them via wetransfer or any other file transfer platform. Keep in mind we don’t have access to GSMA’s sharepoint đŸ˜‰

4. Feedback & Schedule

Getting fast feedback will be key to meet the tight deadline: 11th July, ready for M360 UK.





GSMA: Signed Off Copy created and delivered by Foundry.



WLM: Creates VO / Footage research / Editing tasks.



WLM: Work in progress. Footage research / Editing tasks.



WLM: First Pass delivery EOP
GSMA: Feedback same day.



WLM: Apply tweaks.
GSMA: Latest tweaks.
WLM: Apply tweaks / delivers final pass for approval.
GSMA: Signs Off.



WLM to deliver screen size adaptation for M360 UK if needed.



Deadline / M360 UK.

¡Gracias! GrĂ cies! Thank you! Danke! Merci!

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