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GSMA – Immersive Show Room

Below is an approximate approach on immersive experiences costs.

1. LED Screens

Approximate cost would be around 400k.

3m x 3m ceiling and 2 touch-sensitive walls measuring 2.5m x 3m.

Does not include Content nor EUR-UK border customs extra costs and taxes. Include Hardware + Installation + Server + Commissioning.

2. Curved LED Screens

Pending to receive a quote for this.

3. Immersive Room at MWC BCN24

The approximate cost for the fixed installation of this exact projection room in Barcelona went up to around 300k.

The cost included hardware and installation, but content was not included.

We are currently awaiting a quote for building the same room but a rental option instead of a fixed installation, which is expected to reduce costs.

4. Broomx System

The approximate cost would be around 60K, including 1 year of WLM content.

There is an HD option for 3 months rental.

This option 15k to 20k that would include 3 months of Hardware, Installation + Content from WLM.

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