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MWC STINGER – Music explorations

1. Melody

Next, you can listen to the construction of the melody. Please pay attention to how it evolves, and note that the timbre of the instruments is not real, as it’s a mock-up:

2. Recording instruments + Library

Real-instrument libraries will be used, except for the melody, which will be recorded live by a professional saxophonist in a studio.

Whatsapp audio:

– G, A, G, as high notes, sound like this…
(Play the Sax)
– …and the same one that goes A, A, G, G, sound like this…
(Play again)

4. Potential Harmonies

Potential harmonies developed to enhance the main melody:

5. Structure

¡Gracias! Gràcies! Thank you! Danke! Merci!

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