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MWC25 Logo Ident Panorama

1. Ai iterations by Chris

The following images created by Chris W. with the help of Ai are doable using CGI, and will be used as a starting point to work with.

2. Narrative Structure

Intro – MWC Arrival.


We begin with a total abstraction, using elements intrinsic to the event, seen through or reflected by its prism and color palette. These abstract elements originate from figurative ones, extracted from event footage, such as human figures and cityscapes.

The balance between abstraction and figuration will be a topic to develop together.

The pace of this section starts slow and gradually accelerates.

Mid – Transition: Acceleration.


The transition represents acceleration, moving through the abstraction. Elements are drawn together, with the camera traveling within, bending time, leading to a black void.

Logo Lock Up.


The MWC logo emerges against a black background, followed by the reveal of the 25.

3. Textures References

4. Flow / Movement References

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