Services: Film
Client: MIRA Digital Art Festival
Year: 2022

It was a blast to be a partner and artistic collaborator of MIRA 2022 feel like being part of the festival, working close to fantastic humans. Check out the AFTERMOVIE and remember the festival through our lenses.


Now, breathe in.

The Aftermovie. The XI edition of MIRA as seen by We Love Martha. Turn on the sound, follow the instructions below, and enjoy the ride!

Audio On

Close your eyes.
Notice your breath.
Breathe in and breathe out.
Be present.
Venture into the sound.
Tune into your frequency, and let the future in.
Can you feel it?
Through your fingers, your chest, on your tongue.
Feel each beat as it vibrates, your heart as it pumps.
Times are anew, keep breathing.
The air now occupies a larger space and the sound inside is louder,
see how it travels through the room.
Open your eyes.
What do you feel?

Audio On

The flying wristband by We Love Martha. Now, breathe in and breathe out.


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