Spot for Mobile World Congress Stinger

The Stinger Video of Mobile World Congress 2020 for Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Barcelona. Due to C19, the release is extended to 2021.

This video aims to underline creating human technology by asking essential questions that make the audience reflect on how technology can make a better future.

It is a mix of animation, film, and VFX.

If my self-driving car makes a wrong turn, what can I do?

How would a police officer stop a self-driving car?

What is a sad robot face if we know it’s actually not sad?

Is it morally right to bully my family’s robot?

What if my robot gets lost?


Client: GSMA
Direction, Production, Editing, 3D/VFX : We Love Martha
Script: Sena Partal
Some text:
Music & SFX: Santa Cabra
Color: Moonlight

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