Spot for MTG Pompeu Fabra University

The prestigious Music Technology Group at Pompeu Fabra University called on us again. This time they wanted to create a brand new feature video.

Colorful palette, first-class graphics & groovy animations were key to set the tone.

Their international reputation preserving world music gave us a big lead on the soundtrack. It turned out a mix of fresh rhythms and eclectic loops working together to get that multicultural approach.

Furthermore, the story needed a cool voice-over to shape the video.

We thought it as a journey. That allowed us to switch from 3D / 2D animation freely.

MTG: Shaping the future of music


Since 1994, MTG made tons of outstanding projects for giants like Google, Yamaha, Spotify, Korg, Huawei, and so on.

Being said that, compressing 25 years of MTG’s history was challenging. It turned out a short way of saying everything they wanted to say, keeping an eye on appeal and shortness.

This is our third collaboration with MTG’s team. You can check out previously Reactable Rotor and Snap spots we created for them.

It was a fun challenge according to themselves 🙂

Pretty cool, right?

Credits   Production Company: We Love Martha Direction: We Love Martha Script & design: We Love Martha Motion Graphics: We Love Martha Animation: We Love Martha Client: Pompeu Fabra University
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