3D for Native Instruments, MIRA & Tomi Picasso

Now, what? is a series of live stream conversations with a community of creatives from different fields. It explores areas of exhibition spaces, digital platforms, working models of the future.

A colorful 3D universe is created where a humanoid figure takes place. In each live capsule, this figure was reacting to an unexpected happening (such as him hitting a wall or falling on the floor) within this 3D universe. His reaction followed by the text Now, What? created a direct way for the audience to empathize with the current situation of ambiguity.

This figure is used throughout different Social Media channels to communicate the event.

The Programme

#1 Now, What? with Ana Drucker, visual artist, and curator at MIRA Digital Arts Festival on the future of on-site events.

I hope new platforms will emerge to share content and we pay for it. In the end, it is culture and it has value.

#2 Now, What? with Nicholas Goubert CPO Native Instruments on the future of digital platforms.

Creativity has no border, it is about merging styles. Digital platforms of the future should connect following this niche idea instead of trying to capture everybody.

#3 Now, What? with Tomás Picasso, creative and artist on collective collaboration.

The current digital overload is about options for all tastes. It has always been a great thing about the Internet. But we have to know to choose and how to say no.

Participants received the colorful background of this 3D universe to use in their physical space (where they select to use it as a background during the live conversation). This embodied the association between the unexpectedness of the current moment as in the 3D universe.










Content Strategy

Before each conversation, we prepare a script that functions as a guideline for each conversation. Each live conversation has a specific topic. The aim of having a script is also about reassuring to keep the focus on the topic following a narrative arch. These questions were shared with each participant to prepare themselves for the conversation.

An Example Conversation Script, for Now, What? with Ana Drucker:

– Are we facing a point of no-return for on-site events?

– If events won’t “take place” for a while, what is the way for them to happen digitally?

– Once these new formats arise, how events can create value? Experiences types: festivals, galleries, workshops, games

– What will be the role of culture/cultural events in post-pandemic society?

– This moment is an essential pause for cultural consumption for on-site events… followed by an overload of digital content. Do you think this will be sustainable for the future?

– What do you think about art and culture is wholly created and consumed online? Do you think this will be a moment of behavioral change?

– How do you think the new generations will see this moment that we are in?

After each live conversation, we analyze the main idea that each participant aims to share and convert into quotes with clear messages that work stand alone. These quotes are shared in a specific format that can be communicated on Social media platforms.

An example set of quotes from Now, What? with Nicholas Gaubert:

We should find new ways to engage with people. At this moment of social distance, people realize even more that they need each other.
-Nicholas Goubert, Now what? Instagram Live Series.

Music is always a tribe thing. I believe these tribes are going to be more and more specialized.
-Nicholas Goubert, Now what? Instagram Live Series

There is always room for more content. This is not gonna change. The change will be about learning how to curate it.
-Nicholas Goubert, Now what? Instagram Live Series.

We suffer from the growth model in the digital industry. This model needs to change. What is the limit of growing anyway?
-Nicholas Goubert, Now what? Instagram Live Series.

Creativity has no border; it is about merging styles. Digital platforms of the future should connect following this niche idea instead of trying to capture everybody.
-Nicholas Goubert, Now what? Instagram Live Series

Credits   Production Company: We Love Martha Direction: We Love Martha & ProtoPixel Content Strategy: Sena Partal 3D animation: Malevo Music: Santa Cabra studio
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